2014 Facade Information

In response to many recent facade collapses, the City of Philadelphia has enacted a Facade Inspection Ordinance.  Bill 090568 was signed by Mayor Nutter on February 17, 2010.

Qualifying Buildings

The Ordinance pertains to:

  • All buildings that are 6 or more stories high
  • All buildings with any appearance in excess of 60 feet in height
  • Any building, other than one-or-two family dwellings that are greater than 2 stories

Inspection Requirements

  • The owner or each affected building shall be responsible for retaining a professional (registered Engineer or Architect) to conduct periodic inspections of exterior walls
  • The professional must prepare and file a report on such inspection

Inspection Time Frame

If the date of construction cannot be determined by the owner, the first inspection must be performed by June 30, 2011.  For all other buildings, the first inspection shall be conducted, and required report shall be filed, within 10 years after the certificate of occupancy was issued.

If original construction date is prior to these dates, the required report is due accordingly:

Before 1951: due by June 30, 2011

1951-1970: due by June 30, 2012

1971-1980: due by June 30, 2013

1981-1990: due by June 30, 2014

1991-2005: due by June 30, 2015


Following the initial inspection, an affected building shall be re-inspected and the required report shall be filed on a 5 year cycle based on the original schedule.


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